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Yoga for Depression: Facts to Know »

yoga depression

Many people nowadays use yoga for depression. It should be noted that depression has spread in these recent times. More than 120 million people of different ages have been found to suffer from…

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Weight Loss : Pilates vs Yoga »

yoga for weight loss

In terms of weight loss, debates on Pilates vs. Yoga have emerged. The practitioners of both say that they…

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Understanding Hot Yoga »

Understanding Hot Yoga

Doing yoga poses in a warm and humid area is called hot yoga. You can immediately or later on…

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Kundalini Healing »

Kundalini Healing

Kundalini symptoms are a natural by-product when people awaken the kundalini in their body and mind. The word kundalini…

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Pilates and Stotts Pilates »

Pilates and Stotts Pilates

Yes more and more Pilates! This is the growing non-impact exercise program created by Joseph Pilates to help everyone…

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What is Yoga? »

What is Yoga?

When people ask what is yoga?, it can be best answered with the reply that it is an old…

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  2. Yoga Diet – Focusing Vegetarianism
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  1. Brandon: We all know we need to market ourselves more. Another free tip is to create a weekly event and...
  2. Karin Feauto: I never realized there were so many types of yoga. Thanks for sharing this post it was really...
  3. Weight Loss: People who are sleep-deprived tend to eat more to compensate for sleeping and lack of sleep tends to...

Women Health and Yoga »

by Ron Sombilon Gallery Nowadays it is essential to do some kind of exercise to reduce stress that brings peace to mind and the body. As the present situation around the world is increasingly stressful and hectic, you must take special care to keep our welfare and health as a priority. The practice of yoga…

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Women Health and Yoga

Yoga Diet – Focusing Vegetarianism »

by fabola Article by Roberto Sedycias Yoga diet helps in setting an ideal weight and achieving spiritual and emotional balance. Yoga diet does not insist on planning a complicated menu or calorie tracking, nor does it ask you to stay hungry. Yoga diet refers to vegetarianism, as the principles of yoga regard Sattvic foods to…

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Yoga Diet - Focusing Vegetarianism

3 New Approaches To Yoga »

by myyogaonline Article by Jason Hank 3 Western Approaches to Yoga Theraputic ApplicationsYoga has been used as a form of therapy that utilizes different yoga techniques in order to restore physical and mental health. Most recently there have been some Western Yoga teachers that have begun using Yoga practices and Yoga posture for therapeutic purposes.…

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3 New Approaches To Yoga

7 Ways To Melt Away More Calories Today »

Weight loss is not magic. It will always come down to calories in (food) versus calories out (activity). The very best weight to jump start a healthy lifestyle that you can actually maintain is to begin making healthier food choices, and to get more exercise. However, many people change their diet without altering their level…

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7 Ways To Melt Away More Calories Today

Hatha Yoga – Good for healthy breathing. »

by Ron Sombilon Gallery Article by yogabestbuy Hatha yoga is the way which has physical health and balance as a main goal, for its practitioners believe that greater mental and spiritual awareness can be brought about with a healthy and pure body. Hatha yoga mainly concerns itself with asanas or postures. Asanas are contemplative in…

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Hatha Yoga - Good for healthy breathing.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation Based On Faith -- Secret Strategy To Explain Based

Yoga Meditation Based On Faith — Secret Strategy To Explain Based »

by ccheviron Article by GS Virk Human nature is looking for happiness in different things and focuses on people liked and things, and become the enemy of the people and…

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Yoga Meditation For Phobias »

Yoga Meditation For Phobias

by ccheviron Is it possible to focus on positive thoughts, and train the mind to think rationally? In short, yes – It…

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The Importance of Yoga Breathing Exercises »

yoga breathing exercise

The popularity of yoga breathing exercises is spreading fast especially since there are TV shows where practitioners are seen performing impossible positions,…

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Yoga Meditation Classes Teaching, Yoga Meditation Training & Techniques » Why Choose Yoga Meditation? » Yoga and Meditation »

Yoga Poses

Hit it down along with your Yoga poses »

Hit it down along with your Yoga poses

by lululemon athletica Article by Qdid123 There are tons associated with yoga poses therefore you may well ponder when many continue to…

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Yoga Therapy For Diseases »

Yoga Therapy For Diseases

The Yoga Therapy or ‘yoga-chikitsa’ refers to the treatment of diseases by means of yogic exercises which may be corporeal or mental…

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The Pleasure Of Yoga Classes

The Pleasure Of Yoga Classes »

Yoga classes are designed for individuals just like you. This is a great place to live, work and play. With their fast rising municipality with a flourishing and powerful community,…

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